After a good finish to last week, this week was the worst training week since I restarted training in mid November. I think the efforts on Saturday, combined with the celebrations of Wales winning the Grand Slam and Eric's 40th birthday bash fool their toll. Monday I managed a good session on the Home Trainer with a run. On Tuesday I visited Longchamps for a 4 hours cycle ride but my body gave out after 2 hours. A sudden drop in energy level which I couldn't really explain until the evening when I realised that I wasn't up to the swim session. Wednesday was a rest day and I needed no second invitation for that. With renewed vigour I went to Longchamps on Thursday and upon arrival realised that I had forgotton my cycle shoes. I lost an hour going back to get them and did managed 3 hours on the bike followed by a good run. Friday the weather only allowed a session on the Home Trainer and my first and only visit to the pool of the week. Saturday I put in a good run and Sunday I needed to rest to prepare everything for the trip to Arizona.
Total for the week. 7 hours bike, 3 1/2 hours running and 1 hour in the pool. I am not feeling at all well but I'd rather be ill now than later.